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    YouTube integration

    Embed videos directly from YouTube playing in realtime. Set to fullscreen or limit to a fixed area on the screen.

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    Weather Module

    Embed the intelligent weather forecast module and eather display the current weather in your area or maybe for one or several selected areas.

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    News module

    Insert LIVE News feed from our providers e.g TV2, TV2 SPORT, DR, DR SPORTEN, BT you can also mix and match however you like.

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    Design Tool

    Intuitive design program that have the ability to transforms anyone into a professional software designer. Quick and easy embed images sideshows and many more features.

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    Time & Date

    Embed Time & Date on your displays. With the Time & Date module you have endless modification options.

  • pro-en

    Booking integrations

    Wish to display booking/resources on your info screen? You can! and very little effort with the Booking integration module.

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    Screen Capture

    Embed Content from any website e.g your own company webpage.

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    Create cunning slideshows or playlists. Embed video, images, texts or anything of the kind.

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    Count Down

    Something substantial happening? Embed a countdown timer on your display to allow visitors or colleagues to join the excitement.

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    Easy integration for your Microsoft Yammer account. Effortlessly display information directly on one or several screens.

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    Office Integration

    Embed Word documents, PowerPoint or Excel files directly in the editor and display proudly on your screen displays.

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